Time constraints, skills and the quest for quality are some of the factors that push people to seek help in crafting their essays. With technology, information output has shifted from ordinary books to videos, audiobooks, e-books, blogs, and websites. Today, students can get professional essay assistance from multiple online channels. Here are some of the best ways to get professional essay help online.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services help you grow your essay writing skills while learning. It also helps in crafting quality essays because of the continuous advice offered during your project.

There are multiple companies offering essay writing consultancy services online. The beauty of consultancy is you can seek information or ask questions at any point in your essay writing project.

The companies offer services ranging from editing and proofreading of complete essays, mentoring of students through their projects, advice on referencing sources, research methodology, and any other customized service.

Hire an Essay Writer/Expert

Independent online hiring is one of the riskiest ways of seeking essay writing help. Mostly, because it is hard to verify the qualifications of a person online. While it is affordable, it is important to research enough on the person you are going to hire.

Best sources for finding freelance Essay experts are Upwork, Fiver, and social media sites. Before hiring, make sure you have requested and reviewed the portfolio of your prospective employee. An Essay expert can write or offer expert advice on your project.

Sign up for Essay Writing Services

Essay writing companies do all the work for you. You only need to sign up and book your essays tasks. The services of essay writing sites range from research, assignments, dissertation, essay writing, editing, and proofreading. Paying clients do not pay any membership fees in most of the companies. While it is a convenient and lazy way of getting your essays done, it is costly and risky.

Take an Online Essay Writing Course

Online classes are the best way of getting essay writing help. Plus taking a course adds to your credentials and boost your CV. Online writing courses provide you with skills and access to learning materials long after you complete the courses.

Most of the online courses offer options of virtual interaction with tutors and student forums where students can seek information from each other. Examples of sites you can take an online course are; Coursera, Edx, Open University, and Skillshare.


Self-learning is the most affordable way of enhancing your essay writing skills. It involves the use of blogs, YouTube videos, and social media. A lot of internet content is unverified, to get the best results, read from high authority sites and watch videos with the most views. If you have to use social media; research on the best scholars in your subject area and follow them.

Before getting any essay writing help, make sure that you know the difference between remote desktop and VPN, so that you can decide the best way to keep your online identity hidden from hackers and snooping eyes.